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Travis Kelce says Chiefs are doing some things you wouldn’t see in a typical offense

KC Chiefs TE Travis Kelce talked to 810 WHB’s Soren Petro last week and had some very interesting quotes on the Chiefs offense as they go through OTAs. Some of this could just be offseason talk that doesn’t mean anything ... or there could be some cool stuff going on.

“What we’re doing right now in terms of experimenting with a few things offensively, it’s awesome,” Kelce said. “What coach (Matt) Nagy and coach (Andy) Reid and (Brad) Childress and the offensive minds that we have, it’s an exciting process to see where this offense can go. Of course, Alex and then the young guys and Tyler Bray are back there slinging it and making it look easy. Right now, without any pads on, it’s like taking candy from a baby. It’s cool to see the stuff we’re experimenting with and where we can go with it. Sure enough, I’m seeing all the installs and I’m like I need to be put here, I need to get put there so I get the ball there. It’s fun stuff.”

That feels like an offseason quote. He mentions taking candy from a baby because it’s easy right now with no threat of getting pummeled over the middle. We know Kelce will bring it when it counts though.

“Andy Reid’s got his base offense that he’s going to make sure we run to a T,” Kelce said. “If things do get out of control and we need to have something to fall back on our fundamentals of the basic game plan is always a go-to for Andy. But then it can get as creative as all heck. You can’t really categorize a lot of the stuff we’re doing because, I don’t want to say we’re inventing it, but we’re putting pieces together that you typically wouldn’t see in a normal offense.”

The Chiefs have the coach and the personnel to do some creative things on offense. Tyreek Hill is the first one that comes to mind as someone you can do a lot with. Travis Kelce was the best tight end in the NFL last year. Alex Smith is mobile. Spencer Ware has taken wildcat snaps. RunDAT. This is a team that had Dontari Poe throwing, rushing and catching (I’m calling it a catch, not a rush) a touchdown. Of course they’re going to be creative.

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