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The Jeremy Maclin free agent tour should soon be ending

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The Jeremy Maclin world tour should soon be over. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports that Maclin, who was cut by the Chiefs more than a week ago, would be making his choice on his next soon. Very, very soon.

The two choices are presumably the Bills and Giants because those are the only two known teams that he visited. Maclin was in a wedding this week (per my Mizzou pals Snapchats) so perhaps that’s the reason for the delay in signing. Or maybe Maclin just wants to chill. Frankly, that’s what I would do. I would go to Bermuda for a week then come back to reality and sign somewhere. Actually, maybe I would go to the Bahamas. I’m not sure.

The Chiefs play the Bills but not the Ravens. I bet Maclin, a competitive dude, wants to see the Chiefs again. I would not be surprised, as Terez Paylor has suggested, to see Maclin join a team the Chiefs play this year and score a touchdown against them. If that’s what he wants to do, Buffalo will be the pick.