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We found Eric Berry and Justin Houston, and they look like they’re in shape

I found Eric Berry and Justin Houston (still missing: Marcus Peters). The Kansas City Chiefs stars have been not been at (voluntary) OTAs so far this week and we were wondering where they were.

I came across this post from Tuesday that suggested Houston was in Atlanta training (he’s from Georgia).

Note the caption: “Getting a couple workouts in with All-Pro #Linebacker #JustinHouston before he returns to #ChiefsKingdom.”

So, he’s coming back soon, maybe?

Then I saw this video pop up today of Houston talking to kids. He still looks like a large man who could terrorize quarterbacks.

"Put God first, can't do nothin without Him" #JustinHouston #50 #Chiefs #Linebacker #NFL #DSATraining #UGA

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Speaking of looking good, Eric Berry was there, too. Whew.

My God.

Berry was apparently training with Houston. He spoke to the kids as well and he was inspiring as hell as you’d expect. Here’s what Berry said:

“Don’t take none of this for granted. Every time you step out on the field and every time you get an opportunity to take one rep put everything you got into that one rep because there’s a lot of people out here who wish they were in your position or wish they were in our position. Don’t take it lightly, man. It’s an honor and a privilege to do what you do and call yourself an athlete.

“The gift of life is something precious. What are you going to do with it? You gonna come out here and play around with it and go through the motions while somebody at home who probably doesn’t have limbs wishing they could live through you? Respect the game and the game will respect you.

“The main thing, man, is attitude and effort that will take you a long way. I think I heard someone out here complaining about the sun like one of you was working out and I heard someone say the sun, the sun ... bro, you outside. You’re a football player why would you complain about the sun, why would you worry about the sun? A lot of people wish they could come out here and be in the sun. Embrace the process and don’t get caught up in the accolades.”

Here’s the video:

"The gift of life is something precious" #EricBerry @stunt4president #Safety #Chiefs #NFLGreat #DSATraining

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Also of note, the Chiefs new tight end Orson Charles? Guess where he was working out ...

All over #twitter. Always an honor training these great athletes! #UGA #DSATraining

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