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Andy Reid doesn’t seem to like these questions about who’s not at Chiefs practice

Andy Reid is apparently getting tired of questions about who is and isn’t at Chiefs OTAs. Last week the big story was Eric Berry, Justin Houston and Marcus Peters missing OTAs. This week, it was Dee Ford who was absent and Reid didn’t like the (reasonable) questions about it from the media.

Shoutout to Terez for asking the questions Chiefs fans want to know. It’s voluntary and they don’t have to be here. We got that. Still, I would like to know where they are. I’m not saying they have to show up or anything but, yeah, the most popular Chiefs aren’t here and I’m curious why not. The answer could be it’s voluntary and they don’t have to. And that’s OK. So, why not ask?

The Chiefs aren’t obligated to tell you when a player is hurt right now so what if Ford was hurt and that’s why he wasn’t out there? Wouldn’t you want to know then? Thanks to Terez for asking those questions even though Reid apparently doesn’t want him to.

I’m clearly in the minority here. Hit the comments section for those who disagree.


What do you think about Andy Reid’s comment to the media about OTA attendance questions?

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  • 87%
    Good for him, the media asked the same question over and over again
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  • 12%
    He overreacted, it’s reasonable to ask who’s there and who isn’t
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