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Chiefs second rounder called an Al Davis pick

We’re looking at back at what anonymous scouts said about the Kansas City Chiefs draft picks and we’re onto second round pick DE Tanoh Kpassagnon.

He is an athletic freak so as you might guess most of the comments were about that athleticism.

“I compared him to Julius Peppers, the basketball player that’s still raw,” said one scout. “He could turn out to be the best of all of them because of his height, arm length (35 5/8), hand size (10 5/8). This would be like an Al Davis pick.”

Julius Peppers! He was the No. 2 overall pick in 2002 so they are at sliiiiightly different levels entering the NFL. I do like the comparison though and shows the type of upside that Tanoh has.

Compared by one scout to Sean Jones, the Raiders’ second-round pick from Northeastern in 1984. “Sean Jones had some stiffness,” the scout said. “This guy is a lot more athletic. He and Myles Garrett might be the two best athletes of the group.”

I saw the name Sean Jones and thought where have I heard that name recently. Oh, that’s right - John Dorsey brought up the same name in his post-draft press conference. Kinda interesting they both brought up a 1984 draft pick out of Northeastern University, huh? Al Davis drafted Jones in 1984.

Read the full pre-draft report here. It’s really interesting to read after the draft now.

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