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Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes pops up on TMZ ... in a good way

Hearing your player is on TMZ is usually not a good thing so I clicked TMZ’s link from this morning and ... it actually was a good thing for Patrick Mahomes.

TMZ posted this story saying they asked Mahomes, a former baseball player, if he could hit 100 mph with a baseball.

So, we asked if he could still fire the rock -- and he told us he really believes he could hit 100+ if he got back in the baseball groove.

For the record, Patrick once threw a football 62 mph -- on video.

If he says he can hit 100 mph with a baseball ... we kinda believe him.

I don’t know how much hard he can throw a baseball and I guess it doesn’t really matter. I don’t want him realizing how good he is at baseball and thinking he’s Deion Sanders over here playing two sports.

I know he can throw a football at least 62 mph based on this video:

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