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Jehu Chesson can help Chiefs develop downfield threat

With Patrick Mahomes in tow, I’m hoping the Kansas City Chiefs develop a better downfield threat over the next few years. (I don’t know why but I feel the need to say that’s not a shot at Alex Smith). One of those downfield threats is Tyreek Hill and we know all about him. One player who has the potential to be a deep threat in the NFL is the Chiefs fourth round pick WR Jehu Chesson. He was asked at rookie minicamp about going deep.

“You throw that ball out there, it’s me or nobody, and that’s your mentality,” Chesson said. “You have to go up there and get it. So, we’re just going to keep working the deep ball. We’re going to keep working our goes (go routes). We’re going to keep working all of our routes.”

Chesson is 6’3 with long arms so he has good size to go up and win those jump balls which is important in the NFL. Chiefs GM John Dorsey loves those long arms.

“That’s the nature of the play – you make the play or you don’t. You catch the ball and everyone is like, ‘ahhhhh’ or you drop the ball, ‘booooo.’ So, you have to have that confidence that when the ball is in the air that it’s yours. That’s the same confidence that they have too, so that’s how you compete and that’s what makes it great.”

Stretching the field consistently is even more important these days with pass interference. You go deep three or four times and draw one pass interference penalty and that’s worth it. (Personally I think pass interference rules should be changed so they’re not always a spot foul. I’m not sure the solution though.)

As for Mahomes, Chesson is impressed.

“He can sling the ball pretty damn good.”

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