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Chiefs’ Kareem Hunt touted his balance at the Combine

Now that the Kansas City Chiefs have made their draft picks I like going back and watching old interviews with these guys. One of those old interview opportunities is the Combine where each player spoke to the media.

I read through the transcript and this quote from Hunt stood out because Chiefs GM John Dorsey also touted his balance.

“My ability to set up defenders; I catch them off-balance,” Hunt said via the Combine transcript. “I have great balance myself. I feel I’m able to make guys miss. I can tell which way their body is leaning. I can see little things like that, setting them up. I see stuff before it honestly happens.”

I see stuff before it honestly happens! That’s a helluva trait for a running back to have. Not every back has to be an all-world athlete like Jamaal Charles, although it helps. Hunt can make guys miss, he was among the top performers in the vertical leap which shows leg strength and he had a ton of tape for the Chiefs scouts to watch. I think he’ll have a high floor. The Chiefs shouldn’t be too surprised with him.

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