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Add Seahawks to list of teams that would have considered Patrick Mahomes

Who didn’t want Patrick Mahomes? That’s what I’m thikning as we read yet another team that was interested in the Kansas City Chiefs first round pick. A copule of reportrs had the Seahawks as a team that would have considered Mahomes if he fell to the 26th pick in the draft.

Both NFL Network and ESPN Insider's Mike Sando have reported that the Seahawks would have considered Texas Tech's Patrick Mahomes had he fallen to the No. 26 pick. The Kansas City Chiefs ended up trading up to No. 10 and drafting Mahomes, so the Seahawks never got close to having to make a decision. But it's still an interesting "what-if" to consider.

Let’s recap who has supposedly wanted Mahomes:

  • The Saints were into him and could have taken him at 12
  • The Cardinals could have taken him at 13
  • The Giants were reportedly trying to move up from 24
  • The Seahawks would reportedly consider him at 26

The Chiefs trade-up is looking better and better. It felt too high at the time but after the draft we’re realizing the Chiefs moved up exactly where they needed to if Mahomes was their guy.

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