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Arrowheadlines: NFL power rankings, Larry Johnson’s interview

Former Chief Larry Johnson gave one of the best interviews I’ve ever heard | Arrowhead Pride

"I had a lot of insecurity issues when I left college. A lot of them. People couldn't see them but I had a lot of them. I would project those feelings onto other people. So when I would go out and drink heavily and that time my drinking was getting way out of control because I was used to handling everything inside and keeping my emotions dormant and when I can no longer control my emotions or how I feel it spills into the club, it spills into drinking and whatever woman is with me at the end of the night, it's going to come out. I wish I could go back and change things but if I did change things I wouldn't be a changed man talking to you today.”

Bears sign Jaye Howard to one-year deal | Windy City Gridiron

The Kansas City Chiefs, who have a precarious salary cap situation, had released Howard in late April who was one year into a two-year $12 million dollar deal he had signed with them in 2016. He was previously placed on injured reserve in December of last season due to a hip flexor injury.

Chuck Landon: NFL Draft shows the Big 12 is in trouble |

What's worse, the Big 12 had only one first round selection. Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes was the No. 10 pick by the Kansas City Chiefs.

Here's the problem. Both the AAC and the Mid-American Conference in the Group of Five had just as many first-round selections as the Big 12 - one each.

Cincinnati TV station wants fans to boycott Bengals for picking Joe Mixon in 2017 NFL draft | The Washington Post

Maybe all that will change if Mixon is successful in Cincinnati — and if he shapes up. Kansas City Chiefs fans were upset a year ago when the team drafted Tyreek Hill, who was kicked off the Oklahoma State team for choking his pregnant girlfriend, but they warmed to him because he kept out of trouble and said the right things. Oh, and he had a breakout, Pro Bowl season.

NFL Power Rankings: Raiders rise, Giants fall after 2017 draft |

Andy Reid and Co. valued Patrick Mahomes' talent enough to pay a future first-round pick to get him. If the best time to look for a quarterback is when you don't need one, then Kansas City was right to go after the rubber-band-armed Mahomes. On the other hand, that saying presupposes that a talented quarterback falls to a team, not that the team will move up (and pay a pretty penny) to acquire him. In essence, what the Chiefs did was no different than what the Bears did to take Mitchell Trubisky, or what the Texans did to obtain Deshaun Watson. Bad move? Nope. A little strange, given that K.C. is a Super Bowl contender with a decent quarterback already? Hmm. What do you think, #ChiefsKingdom? (@HarrisonNFL)

FOOTBALL: Oak Ridge grad Johnson ready for Chiefs rookie camp | Houston Chronicle

The invitation to the camp stemmed from a one-on-one workout with the Chiefs, arranged by his agent, Bryan Overstreet. Even coming from a small school of just more than 1,000 students, Johnson is determined to make the most of his tryout and find a place on the team in any capacity he can.

Long before Broncos signed him, Jamaal Charles thought John Elway was a boss | ESPN

Asked this week if it would be strange to face the Chiefs in the coming season, Charles said, "Nope. It’s just a different jersey. It’s just with a different organization. At the same time, [I’m] going after the same goals."

Denver Broncos players are fired up about Jamaal Charles joining team | The Kansas City Star

Denver running back C.J. Anderson tweeted a welcome for Charles. “His game is super amazing excited to have my big brother join us pushing each other every day to be great,” Anderson wrote.

Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes explains why he’s not just another air raid quarterback | Arrowhead Pride

“First off, how much more I’ve done in college than the other air raid quarterbacks did coming out,” Mahomes said on 810. “Coach (Cliff) Klingsbury put so much on me where I got to call the entire play, really signal to everybody, call to the line and tell the running back, as well as being able to change any of the plays.

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