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Patrick Mahomes threw a pick-six at Chiefs practice

Should we cut Patrick Mahomes now or wait it out another week? I ask that because HE THREW AN INTERCEPTION IN PRACTICE!

A pick-six, actually.

Via ESPN’s Adam Teicher:

The first and only play of Patrick Mahomes II's first NFL two-minute drill resulted in a pick-six at Chiefs practice today. Mahomes' pass was intercepted by backup linebacker Reshard Cliett, who ran it back for a score. Mahomes later said he was trying to get rid of the ball and throw it incomplete but didn't anticipate how fast Cliett is.

Nah, don’t cut him today. I guess we’ll stick it out just one more week. (Sometimes it’s hard to tell if people are joking on the Internet ... but I’m joking on the Internet right now)

This is a good lesson for Mahomes. Reshard Cliett may not even make this roster so there are plenty more players that will surprise him with their speed and athleticism. Even the Chiefs backups are a big step up from the Big 12.

Mahomes will have more pick-sixes, he’ll make more bad throws and more bad decisions. Andy Reid and the Chiefs know this. It’s the most 2017 Chiefs offseason phrase ever but here goes: Be patient.

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