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This Tyreek Hill highlight video from high school is as cool as you would expect

If you thought Tyreek Hill would be the ultimate high school player, you’re right. I watched this highlight reel of Tyreek Hill in high school and college and it was WHEW! Tyreek flew past most defenders on the field.

I noticed a few things watching this video:

He has a lot of snaps as a running back and I really, really hope Andy Reid plans on incorporating a few carries a game for him. I remember that Titans game where he took the handoff and zip! He was gone. Let’s see that a couple times a game at least.

The other thing here is the receiving ability. He’s only 5’10 and I assume around that height in these videos but they showed a few jump balls that he won. It reminded me of that catch in the Saints game where he had to win a contested catch for the score.

The final thing that jumps out to me, especially on a couple of those punt returns, is that he is not just a track guy playing football. He has moves. When he is returning a punt and is in the open field, he knows at his speed that a little wiggle can juke a defender pretty easily (or it seems easy, at least).

Check it out:

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