How I became a fan of the KC Chiefs

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Short version: I didn't have any of the usual reasons to become a fan of a team, a bet and sports cards combine to make me a Niners fan with more loyalty to Joe Montana than the team, and I follow him over to the Chiefs.

Long version:

1. Not from geography

I was born and raised in Montana and have never lived outside of the state. Not only do we not have a professional sports team of any kind, we don't even have one in a bordering state. (There are hockey teams in bordering Canadian provinces, and that's the one sport where I don't really have a favorite team.) The three nearest football teams are the Broncos (700 miles), Seahawks (700 miles), and Vikings (1000 miles). The Broncos (gross) have the biggest fan base, probably due to getting the most airtime on the local networks. The Vikings have a bigger fan base than you'd expect relative to their success, but are still greatly outnumbered by Packers fans. We didn't have Seahawks fans until 5 years ago, but there's quite a few now.

2. Not from getting to attend a game as a kid

My dad is a Vikings fan, and the only big trips I took as a kid were to Seattle and Washington DC. My first game was my college graduation present from my dad and grandpa 13 years after becoming a Chiefs fan. I've now attended 6 Chiefs games. 4 in Denver and 2 in KC. Only one of them was during a losing season, but they've lost all 6. Hopefully that streaks ends in Dallas this year.

3. Not from the influence of other fans

The first time I personally knew another Chiefs fan was my second job out of college 15 years after becoming a Chiefs fan. I have since found a local sports bar that gives a group of 5-10 of us the good tv connected to the volume every week.

4. Because my uncle called me to bet on Super Bowl XXIV

I'm one of those Joe Montana fans, that jumped ship, so my origin story is actually about how I first became a Niners fan factored in with all the reasons I never became a fan of any other team. I was in kindergarten, and my uncle called me to make a bet on the Super Bowl. The terms just being that whoever lost had to call the other and congratulate them. I didn't know anything about football and randomly picked the 49ers over the Broncos. I completely forgot about the bet, had no clue the super bowl even took place, and my uncle called me up to congratulate me.

Writing this actually made me realize that me rooting against the Broncos technically predates me rooting for the Chiefs.

5. My dad gets me into collecting football cards

3rd grade rolls around and my dad wants to get me more interested in sports, so he gets me into collecting football cards. For some reason I get hooked. I've still never watched a game, but spend all of my money on cards. I only know how good a player is based on the relative value of their cards in Beckett. Joe Montana and Jerry Rice become my favorites, but I'm not that invested in the Niners as a team, so my loyalty remained with Joe Montana.

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