How I was born & forever became a Chiefs Fan.

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I was born 1960, Blue Springs, MO, the same year pro sports genius, Lamar "Games" Hunt established the AFC and his fledgling Pro Football Franchise the Dallas Texans. The following year, after our house burned to the ground, my dad moved us 9 different times and to 6 different states.

Through all the moving, I always wore the love of MY Chiefs on my sleeve. When I was 6, my dad got one of those "cheesy" kids Chiefs FB uniforms for me with the pants, jersey, and helmet. Played a LOT of backyard FB in that thing. I remember watching SB IV over at my dads buddies house in 1970, when we lived in Iowa. I also remember how both of KC's lines dominated the favored Vikes! I remember all the famous highlights, Garrett's easy TD on the 65 Toss Power Trap, Taylor's one-handed sideline grab to pay dirt, etal...., but I was always watching the trenches to see plays develop and unfold. Watching my underdog Chiefs win SB IV will always be one of my greatest memories as a kid! Because of his buddies arrogance of a Purple victory, my 2nd favorite team is whoever is playing the Vikings on Sundays!

As we continued our caravan every 1-3 years, we would always visit KC @ least once a year. My uncle Jack was a season ticket holder and would always take us to Arrowhead, if the Chiefs had a home game. As I am sure you all know, most of the 70's-80's (until Martyball came to town) were tough times for Chiefs Fans! Not to mention all the tragedies and continually feeling the Chiefs we're "cursed". I'd always bring my binoculars, so I could really see plays develop. Uncle Jack was my favorite growing up, as he always found time to take me alone with him to arcades, movies, and Katz (Katz was like a shrine to me as a kid, probably from living in small towns growing up.?) Upon leaving a Royals game once, a guy in a Mercedes kept honking and yelling at him to get going (in a parking lot jam). Jack got out and went back and broke the guys nose, after conning him to roll his window down to talk. Turned out to be a lawyer. LOL!

No matter where we lived, I would unfurl my Chiefs flag and my love for MY Chiefs never wavered. So much so, it brought me to fist-a-cuffs more than once. I have many Chiefs memories, meeting Chief's players, coaches, and even Lamar Hunt.

I am now anchored in Fargo, ND and have been for over 35 years now! Since moving here in 1982, after serving in the U.S. Coast Guard for 4 years, every fall I would drive to KCMO to take in at least one game at AH. It was an annual pilgrimage that lasted almost 20 years, before succumbing to a permanent disability. I can no longer drive and suffer Chronic Pain. I'll leave it at that. Still have Sunday Ticket, though.

The biggest CHIEFS moment for me was driving down with 2 friends to attend the first MNF at Arrowhead in years. It was Oct. of 1991, the 5-0 Bills coming into face MY 3-2 Chiefs. We got up early on game day and parked for free. Nobody was around so we just drove in and "camped out" there. I later ran into DT while I was walking around the Concourse. It was still early in the afternoon and he was standing on the sidewalk with one of his girls in his arms. I said "Hi, Derrick" and we proceeded to have a great conversation. He promised me at least 2 sacks and 1 forced fumble. Very soft spoken guy. I even got on TV for being from "Fargo" and to predict the score. My 35-10 prediction was almost "Kreskin-like".

After finding our seats early, a friend and I went up to the closest top corner of the stadium and shared a ceremonial "Peace Pipe" to help ensure a Chiefs victory, watch and smell the BBQ rising, and ease the pregame anxiety. LOL! Once the game kicked off, it was nonstop ELECTRICITY and ECSTASY, not to mention earth-shaking LOUD! It was the true inauguration of the SEA OF RED and CHIEFS KINGDOM, and I was there! DT fulfilled his promise and the final 33-6 ass kicking we put on the Bills!

KC Chiefs Fans are the best, most friendly, and faithful NFL Fans in the world! Everywhere I go, if I run into a fellow member of Chiefs Kingdom, it's like meeting family! I think only the Chiefs faithful can relate. To all my Chiefs brethren, the future of the franchise looks bright and I can't wait to share every moment with you all!

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