How I became a Chiefs fan

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

I grew up being a fan of football because my Dad enjoyed it and a couple of my older siblings played it in school. I learned the fundamentals of football from my Dad but even now I know there is still so much I can learn about it. My family always watched the Chiefs on Sundays and at the age of 6 or 7 I decided to start watching as well. The farthest back memories I have of the Chiefs are when I learned that Tony G was a beast and that I enjoyed listening to Mitch on the radio with his great TD calls.
I have been to Arrowhead twice in my life and my first was a night game in November of 2001 when we played the Eagles and lost 23-10. I was nine years old and don't remember too much about it except the score and that my mother nearly wore a green jacket to the game before we told her that green was the opponent's color. My other Arrowhead experience is still pretty fresh in my mind because it happened in October of 2013 when we beat the Browns 23-17. Sherman had a short TD catch and McCluster had a diving TD grab. A muffed punt by the Browns in the 4th qtr sealed the deal. It's funny thinking back and noticing that Andy Reid was on the sidelines both times I was at Arrowhead.
I vividly remember the days of our great offense that included Trent, Priest, Tony G, our mammoth offensive line and the amazing punt returns of Dante. Watching that core of players for a few years really cemented my fandom of the Chiefs. Following the Chiefs is a lot easier these days because of all the great Chiefs fans/journalists/writers that are on Twitter. The playoff win against the Texans was the first postseason victory that I have seen since I was 2 when we beat the Oilers. An article that I will have bookmarked forever is the in depth story of our 1969 Super Bowl winning team by MNChiefsfan. It gets me so excited each time I read through how good our defense was that year. Hopefully we can go all the way again someday. Go Chiefs!

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