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Jon Gruden says this isn’t the same Texas Tech system Patrick Mahomes is from

I’m catching up on some draft coverage that we missed while in the thick of it all over the weekend. This clip is from Jon Gruden appearing on SportsCenter talking about Patrick Mahomes to the Chiefs. Everyone talks about the lack of good quarterbacks from the air raid offense and Gruden speaks to that here.

“This is not the same system that Graham Harrell that Kliff Kingsbury came from. They modified this scheme to fit this kid’s skillset. He did a lot at the time of scrimmage. He had to score every time he had the ball. That’s why some of these decisions he makes are crazy. They had to score every possession because their defense was horrific. This man can do the one thing you can not coach, he can unload the ball from unbelievable positions with all kinds of velocity and accuracy.

“I said it during the broadcast, Andy Reid was in Green Bay in 1992 when we made the trade for Brett Favre. Andy Reid had a lot to do with the development of Brett Favre. I’m sure he sees a lot of similar qualities in Mahomes. He has the perfect man to watch in Alex Smith who is a real pro. I think this is a long-term pick that will really benefit Kansas City.”

The Favre stuff gets all the headlines but Gruden’s point is more interesting and one that we’ll look into more this offseason was get to know Mahomes.

Check out the clip here:

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