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Chiefs’ Andy Reid once said that, ideally, he would give rookie QBs a year to sit

Now that the Kansas City Chiefs have their quarterback of the future (we hope), it’s fun to go back and look at what the Chiefs have said in the past about rookie quarterbacks. Andy Reid was on the Colin Cowherd show last year and he was asked what is now a pretty relevant question.

Ideally, if there were no media or fan or owner distractions, how long would he have a rookie quarterback sit?

“I would give him a year,” Reid said. “I did that with Donovan (McNabb). I kinda brought him along through that first year and then the last couple games, we weren’t very good, it gave him an opportunity to get in there and start. I was lucky enough to bring Doug Pederson with me as a quarterback at that time and it was good to have him take all the blows in Philadelphia for Donovan. And also Donovan, teach him. It’s the blitz game those kids need to work on and knowing how to take their drop against those looks.”

Mahomes was considered very raw so it’s possible the Chiefs bump that up to two years since Alex Smith is still under contract. That wouldn’t surprise me. In fact, I’m getting mentally prepared for Mahomes on the bench for two years. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised after one year.

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