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Andy Reid on Jamaal Charles signing with Broncos: ‘He’ll always be a Chief’

Shortly before the Denver Broncos announced the signing of Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was on 810 WHB with Kevin Kietzman. There were already reports circulating during the interview that the Broncos were a possibility so Big Red was asked about Jamaal potentially going to Denver.

“I wish him the best of luck,” Reid said. “If he has another opportunity to play, more power to him. He’s a great kid. He’ll always be a Chief wherever he finishes up his career. He’ll always be a Chief and I wish him always the best.”

He will always be a Chief. Remember that because it’s probably true. You know who still lives in Kansas City and even does Kansas City radio regularly? Neil Smith. You remember what he did? Not only did he go off to Denver but he won two titles in Denver. I don’t remember any comments from Neil like the ones we saw from Jamaal but that was a long time ago so maybe they’re lost to history. Still, the chances are that this will smooth over, I think. I could be wrong.

Andy Reid isn’t going to call Jamaal out. I doubt anyone on the Chiefs will. The hurt is coming from the fans who have been watching Jamaal play for the last nine years.

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