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Arrowheadlines: Jamaal Charles joins nWo

Jamaal Charles, Chiefs great, now a Bronco | The Kansas City Star

Charles is now a Denver Bronco, which would be enough for a day, but this was unscripted sports’ equivalent of Hulk Hogan ripping off his Hulkster shirt and joining the Outsiders.

Because when Neil Smith won a ring with the Broncos, he never said stuff like this:

“I always wanted to play for Denver,” Charles said. “Growing up, John Elway was one of my favorite players.”

He wasn’t done.

“They say it’s a business,” he said. “But it’s personal as well.”

Charles still wasn’t done.

“I’m just happy I get to play (the Chiefs) twice a year,” he said.

Jamaal Charles to the Broncos a no-win proposition for the Chiefs | ESPN

This move has the potential to make the Chiefs look bad. It won't go over well with their fans if Charles has at least one more brilliant season and it comes while he's playing for the Broncos and against the Chiefs.

Former Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles agrees to one-year deal with rival Denver Broncos | ESPN

"It's behind me now. I really don't even want to talk about that. I love the organization and love the team. At the end of the day, it's a business, but it's also personal as well. It is what it is. At the end of the day, they let me go and I'm not there. I'm starting a new chapter, and I'm happy with my new chapter, really."

Jamaal Charles is signing with Broncos after nine-year run with Chiefs | The Kansas City Star

“I had Denver on my list, and it was a no-brainer when they were interested in me,” Charles told the Broncos’ web site. “I have a lot (left in the tank).”

Charles also told Elway it was an honor to be a Bronco, and he inspired him growing up.

“I just want to bring some experience to the team and some explosiveness,” Charles said.

Two things Patrick Mahomes wants to prove to the Chiefs and the NFL | Arrowhead Pride

“First off, I feel like people don’t understand how smart I am, I guess you could say,” Mahomes said. “They think I was in a system where I just threw the ball at certain receivers. They didn’t realize the checks I was making at the line and how much freedom coach Kingsbury gave me where I could change the plays when I saw different coverages. That’s the first thing I’m ready to prove to NFL teams and everyone.

Exercising Dee Ford's option was easy call for Kansas City Chiefs | ESPN

There is nothing the Chiefs could have reasonably done during the draft to change their minds on Ford. The Chiefs wanted to wait to announce the decision so they didn’t tip their hand publicly before the draft about their plans for a key position, outside linebacker. Thus the drama with Ford. But in the end, the Chiefs made the right decision to retain him for the extra season in 2018. Really, it was the only one the Chiefs could make.

Chiefs’ Andy Reid says “compensation doesn’t matter” when it comes to QBs | Arrowhead Pride

“When you narrow it down to that position, compensation really doesn’t matter,” Reid said. “That’s how that normally works. You say what can this guy do to fit into your system. We saw a kid who is intelligent which he has to be in this offense, a kid that has great core strength, strength within the pocket. He’s got good mobility to be able to run and escape if he needs to. Then he can throw from any angle. I’m talking about any position, lower body position or any angle by his arm. And he has accuracy. He’s also, you’ve had him on your show, he’s also a great kid. He’s got a good way about him. He’s got to manage that locker room, and he’s got to manage that offense and he’s also got to manage that position the organization and the people in that organization. There’s a lot that goes into that. That’s why people are so willing to give up the compensation to do that.”

Kansas City Chiefs' Andy Reid: Alex Smith knew we wanted QB | NBC Sports

Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid explains the thought process behind drafting quarterback Patrick Mahomes and how Alex Smith's mindset hasn't changed.

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