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Chiefs fans aren’t happy with these Jamaal Charles quotes

Jamaal Charles signed a one-year deal with the Denver Broncos. Sure, Jamaal has a right to earn his money. I have the same right to have some bad feelings about it, especially after some of his comments.

It’s one thing to see Jamaal in another uniform. That was always going to suck and we knew that but, as I noted, he still wants to play so more power to him.

It was another thing when he signed with Denver. A nine-year Chief signs with the Chiefs biggest rival? Damn. But, OK, this is what he wants to do. He still wants to play and the Broncos were offering. Gotta play someplace.

WTF? Jamaal never mentioned being a lifelong Broncos fan. Huh, that never came up.

So now it’s a revenge thing? Jamaal wants revenge on the Chiefs? What universe am I in right now?

I can see this. There has to be some hard feelings over getting cut when you think you still have something to give. The Chiefs side is pretty defensible though. They got five games out of Jamaal over about two years so it was a smart business move to part ways.

If I knew that was the price to keep Jamaal, I would have kept him in Kansas City. That’s a big part of the reason some Chiefs fans are upset. They think the Chiefs should’ve kept him. If that price were available to KC, they should’ve done it. But I don’t know that it was.


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What I really don’t understand are some of the comments about being a lifelong Broncos fan, Elway being his favorite player and wanting to play the Chiefs. That sounds personal like there’s more to the story that we don’t know. There has to be.

If Jamaal went and played for the Broncos for a year or two and then things settled for a couple years, he would come back to have his jersey retired. Now? There’s gonna be some Chiefs fans who have a hard time forgetting some of these comments no matter how great Jamaal was and no matter how much of a right he has to go out and earn his buck however he wants.

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