Why I became a Chiefs Nut

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Oh man, not another one...

I can hear the collective groan. I mean, how many "Why I became a Chiefs fan" posts do we need?! I understand that completely, but my story will differ a fair bit from most. If anything, I'd like the friends of mine who live in Seattle to know why after nearly 8 years of living there, they couldn't convince one ounce of me to support their team, despite being in a different conference from my beloved Chiefs.

My story, like most starts when I was very young. But it starts before I even knew of the Chiefs or really of football.

When I was five years old, my sisters and I were put into a children's home. Our single mother couldn't handle taking care of three children. She couldn't hande it emotionally and for other reasons unnecessary to my story. From the children's home, my sisters and I ended up in different foster homes.

It was a terribly confusing time in my life and I started to feel angry and bitter as most would. Between five and seven, I bounced around between 4 or 5 different foster families. My anger and bitterness grew as my feeling of being un-loved grew with each new foster home transition.

Now, when I was 7, I transitioned once again to a new family. I had a mom, a dad, and 2 sisters in this new home. Despite them not having any boys (until me) in their home, they loved this team that played football. The Kansas City Chiefs. Something changed in me when I watched the boys in red take the field. My anger and bitterness turned into a yearning to see the Chiefs walk off the field with a win. My passion grew for them as I aged.

I was adopted into a different family when I was 11 years old. So between finally being "loved" enough for a family to give a permanent yes, and a continued refocusing of my confusing emotions into a passion for the Chiefs, I finally started to be a "happy", "normal" (well, sorta) kid.

When I was lost and confused as a Child, I chose to withdraw love for foster family members because I couldn't trust they'd be there for long. One thing that I could love, that I knew wasn't going anywhere were my Chiefs. And as far as any losing season they've ever had in my lifetime, that feeling pales in comparison to another family saying no to me.

Go Chiefs!


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