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Chiefs’ Andy Reid on what Patrick Mahomes is working on at OTAs

We’ll be tracking the development of our shiny new quarterback throughout this offseason. Yes, this is Alex Smith’s team and we aren’t debating that (at least I’m not). However, I still want to know how Patrick Mahomes is progressing.

Outside of preseason we don’t see much of Mahomes this year so we’ll need to rely on what Big Red says about his development.

“He’s learning to take drops,” Reid said via quotes from the Chiefs, “stay in the pocket and do the things that we expect him to do here. The thing you see is the vision that he had in college and the arm strength and accuracy. You see those things. He’s learning the drops, learning the play calls in the huddle, learning how to make calls at the line of scrimmage and he’s got a whole plate of things there that he’s got to digest.”

I’m sure he’s wide-eyed with his first few weeks in the NFL. Chris Jones said something about Mahomes not smiling, which I can understand. It’s gotta be pretty intimidating.

“One thing I appreciate about him though is that he’s one of those guys that wants to be great,” Reid said. “That’s how he’s approaching the game.”

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