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Andy Reid is pumped about Chiefs high expectations and the defending champs on opening night

There are high expectations for the Kansas City Chiefs once again this year. Super Bowl expectations? We’ll see on that but the Chiefs have been to the divisional round two consecutive years and it’s mostly the same team so it’s fair to say expectations are high.

Andy Reid knows they’re high and he’s embracing it.

“I love that, man,” Reid said of the expectations this year via quotes from the Chiefs. “Put them as high as you want and let’s go. You’ve still got to come out, do all the fundamental stuff and work your tail off. I love that. I love that we’re playing Thursday night against the world champions. How great is that? That’s great.”

Love this attitude. Some people might point out it’s a raw deal to go into the defending champs house on opening night but Big Red is embracing it. As he should. The Chiefs are a good team so they should feel confident as anyone not named New England.

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