How I Became A Chiefs Fan

Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Growing up in Iowa, I had no local teams to root for. I became a fan of the Cowboys, mostly because my two older brothers liked them and my Dad hated them. I also developed a man-crush with George Brett, so my baseball team became the Royals, and this got me to pay attention to the Chiefs.

When Jerry Jones fired Tom Landry, the Cowboys lost a little of their luster to me. Then the Chiefs got Montana and even though I hated Montana (Cowboys fan remember), I still had a great deal of respect for him. The Chiefs are becoming much more interesting to me.

So now it is the early 90's and My wife and I are finishing college and her sister convinces her to move to Shawnee, KS. In 1995 we bought a house in Freeman, Mo and my Sister-in-law took me to a game as a gift. The game was against a team that I had always hated (even as a Cowboys fan), the Raiders. James Hasty returned an INT for a touchdown in overtime. Since that day, I have been a die-hard Chiefs fan. We moved back to Iowa in 99 but in 2005 after a tour in Iraq, my wife surprised me with Season tickets and for 5 years, we didn't miss a game. Alas, life happened and the tickets became a casualty, but I wear my Tamba Hali jersey for every game.

That day in 1995, I was enveloped in the Sea of Red and I have never looked back.

So in the end the reason I am a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, is because of all of you!!!

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