Why I am a Chiefs fan

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I do not actually remember making a choice to be a Chiefs fan, I have just always been one. I was born in Olathe and did most of my early growing up there. My dad was a golfer so every Sunday meant getting up at 5AM and going to the course for 36 holes of golf. I did not hate it but I knew I was missing something because all my friends stayed home and watched football. I got to drive a golf cart and fish lost golf balls out of ponds and other hazards while my dad and one of my uncles played all day.

My dad loved college football and basketball but that just did not seem to translate to the pros. That or his love for golf just outweighed his love for pro football. What my dad did pass down to me was a love for golf, obviously, and a love for the Royals.

I remember going to Royals games and being just amazed at the size of the stadium and the fact that right next to it was another one that I didn’t get to go to. But I did get to marvel at the enormity of both giant stadiums and how many people were there. I was a huge George Brett fan and followed baseball about as much as a kid could at that age. This was the early to mid-80s so it was a good time to be a Royals fan too.

As I got older I started playing football in middle school and that is where my love for the game started. I lived in Valley Falls at that time and it never occurred to me to pick an NFL team to follow. It was the Chiefs and I never once gave a thought to it being anyone else. It made sense, I was from the area, and my uncle was a diehard fan who made sure the game was on during any family get together even if it was on a tiny black and white TV in the back.

By high school I became a very passionate Chiefs fan. I lived in Arizona at the time and 2 of my best friends were a Raider fan and a Bronco fan. They of course still are for some reason. Football was fun because we would always talk absorbent amounts of trash to one another when our teams played and sense we all hated each other’s teams it was endless but fun.

The 90s is really when I came into my own regarding the Chiefs. I read everything I could to keep up with the team. Watched every game I could, living in Arizona made it hard but once I was able to get into bars it got much easier. I loved DT, thought Marcus Allen was the greatest and thought Montana was going to take KC to the finish line. Like everyone else, I hated the kicker that shall not be named and thought Neil Smith was a trader. I lived through all the great games and the horrible losses. I complained when KC drafted Tony G because I had no idea a TE could impact the game the way he did and thought KC was going to draft a WR. I almost broke a few TVs along the way and put holes in a few walls from throwing the remote. I was a Chiefs fan!

I did not get to my first game at Arrowhead until I was 31. For my birthday in 04 I got tickets to the Chiefs/Colts at home on Halloween and drove from San Antonio to KC in once day to get there. To this day I drink coffee out of my very overpriced Chiefs mug I got at that game and I have a panoramic picture I took at the end of the game framed on my desk of Arrowhead with the final score on the scoreboard Colts 35 KC 45. What a game and the best birthday ever.

I never have and never could cheer for anyone but KC. After living through Herm Edwards, Pioli and Crennel it seems to me it would just be insane to consider rooting for anyone else. That was a lot of dues to pay as a fan to just throw it away.

Last year I took my then 7 year old daughter to KC to visit my sister and one of the days we were there I took her to Arrowhead to show her how big it was and to see Kauffman stadium with all the Championship Banners everywhere fresh off the World Series. We got to check out all the new renovations for the outside but the stadium was closed (offseason and a Monday) so we didn’t get to tour. We are going again this August so while we are there we will do the tour. I can’t wait to take her to a game which I am also going to try to do this season around Christmas. In the meantime, she has already declared KC as her team and wears her cheerleader outfit every game day for good luck (and because her dad always wears a Chiefs jersey).

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