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Chiefs want to see what CB Terrance Mitchell can do in his encore

It’s been a few hours since we talked about the Kansas City Chiefs No. 2 cornerback so let’s get back to it!

I still believe what I said the other day that the position opposite Marcus Peters will likely be filled by a few players rather than just one. I would love if someone, like Terrance Mitchell, came out and played so well they had to give him the job full-time. I just feel like it’s more likely to be a rotation over the course of the season.

So, speaking of Terrance Mitchell, his name came up at Andy Reid’s presser on Thursday. Mitchell came to the Chiefs in November and surprisingly played and played well down the stretch. Reid said now they want to see how he does when other teams have had time to study him.

“He’s more confident than when he got here even though he was pretty good then,” Reid said via quotes from the Chiefs. “He’s more confident, he’s a very good athlete and he was sort of thrown in the fire last season and he did a pretty good job. Now people have an opportunity to study him so we’ll find out. He understands that so we’ll work through the challenge.”

The NFL is a film study game and opposing coaches will figure out your weaknesses pretty quickly. You can light the world on fire doing something new for a little bit but eventually you better be able to adapt or they’ll figure you out.

That’s the big question with Mitchell this year. His career prior to last November told us he was an NFL journeyman. His play in the last month suggests he has the potential to be a starter. Which one is it?

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