Why (and how) I became a Chiefs fan

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This needs a bit of background. I'll try to keep it short, but those who know me know I am talkative.

I was born and raised in Meen-ah-soooo-tah. My parents didn't care about sports at all, but through a friend, I became a Vikings fan, enough so that when I pestered my patents enough to get an electric football game for Xmas, it was a Vikings version. Given the timing, the opposition team was the Chiefs, due to the recent SB. I played with it a lot, and little did I know...

As the years passed, I learned the heartbreak of fandom. Tarkington and Foreman were my offensive faves, but the thing that kept me glued to the set through all that time was the Purple People Eaters, one of the terrors of the NFL. Rough, tough, and /nasty/. This might give you a hint as to where this is going.

Fast forward, and a directionless kid enlisted in the USAF. The Vikes made the disastrous trade for Walker and handed the Cowgirls a dynasty, things got worse for them, and I wound up stationed in Oklahoma, of all places. This was not conducive to fanhood, and rather than switch to Dallas, I quit the NFL in disgust.

Fast forward again. I married an Okie girl, and after an abortive attempt to live in MN again, i wound up in KC in '96. We rented a place close enough to Arrowhead that when the weather was right, you could hear the roar of the crowd from our front door. It was also close enough that the game day traffic made driving anywhere a bitch, so on Sundays I took to watching football again. The Chiefs of course, and during the Marty years. See where that toy led?

That defense. Oh my god, that defense. Thomas and Smith, Dan Sally, and the rest. Win or lose, one thing you could count on was the opposition's O was afraid. Very afraid. By the end of that first season, I was hooked.

As time passed, my passion grew. Having kids put tickets out of reach for me, but eventually, I scored one from the company I worked for. Not because I won it, but because it was a down year, and no one else wanted it. Me? I would have donated blood for the damn thing, win/loss ratio be damned.
That was the game where the temps started mild, then the wind picked up and the mercury dropped like a rock. The opposition was the Panthers, as i recall, and my seat was in the very corner of the 318 section, with nothing behind me but the wall and empty air. with sparse attendance, I soon drifted down to the rail, huddled up with other hardcore fans. Even there, the wind was fierce, and i wasn't properly dressed, but no way in hell was i cutting out early. I was going to savor every last bleedin' minute there. I was chilled to the bone, and I don't recall the final score, but that didn't matter. I was in the very temple of Chiefs fandom! And in spite of it all, the fans that day did their level best to bring the noise that the loudest stadium in the NFL was known for. I was hoarse for days after that.

As the years went by, we came into a bit of money, and Mrs. BRaG insisted that i have season tickets. Frivolous, perhaps, but the people who filled the other seat when i went made it worth my while. Friends, family, and a Raiders fan who's a good enough friend that he might as well be family. The highlight of it all was attending that historic MNF game, where everyone wearing red shattered the crowd roar record as well as the vaunted, oh-so-popular Patriots. My hearing took a bit of a hit, because i couldn't keep my earplugs in. I had to experience the whole thing. *All* of it.
Anyway, as medical issues piled up, the money dried up, and tickets no longer were possible. Money got so tight that we could no longer afford the gas to get to the games, even if the tix had been free. But the infection's complete. As long as I'm a fan of the NFL, I'm a fan of the Chiefs. There is no other option, there is no Plan B.

And whenever i donate blood, there's the secret hope that the Red and Gold flowing through my veins might infect the recipient. How's that for motivation to do the right thing for people in need? ;)

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