Why I'm a Chiefs fan

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Growing up my family wasn't big sports people. My dad liked sorts, and might watch a game here and there, but he wasn't a die hard fan. My first seeds of fandom came back in 1989 when my cousins from Wisconsin came down to visit. They are all die hard Packers fans. That weekend the Packers were playing the Chiefs, so to be an ass hat (something I've been my whole life) I rooted for them as we watched the game. I proceeded to watch as DeBerg and Okoye embarrass the cheese heads. I was excited and thought "hey this was fun", but being in a non sports family I wasn't quite hooked.

The next year I caught a few games and started liking it more and more. And then the Chiefs played Seattle. The Chiefs would lose this game, but I watched a young LB out of Alabama set a single game sack record and it would start a love affair with me watching him proceed along his career of turning QBs into rag dolls; especially horse face.


"Come here you and give me some puddin"

The next 27 years would be a rollercoaster of emotions and results. But in the end I bleed red and gold, and I'm proud to have passed on my passion to my kids (much to the ire of my wife). Well at least to my oldest son. The others are a bit on the young side.

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