Why I am a Chiefs Fan

Dave Kaup/Getty Images

Growing up in Minnesota, there was no real reason for me to be a Kansas City Chiefs fan. The Chiefs were never really a good team, for one. My dad is a die hard Chicago Bears fan, and all of my friends are either Minnesota Vikings fans or Green Bay Packer fans. In fact, for a short, dark period of my life, I was also a Viking fan.

This all changed for me when I had a baseball coach from Kansas City. I played for him in the fall of 2005, on Sunday Mornings. So naturally, he wore his Chiefs gear to all of the games. I was completely confused. I've never seen a fan of any team outside of the Vikings, the Packers, and the Bears up until that point. Starting that Fall baseball season, I began checking out books on the Kansas City Chiefs in my school's media center. I was fascinated with everything about the Chiefs from that point on. The fans, the stadium, the sea of Red. In fact, the color red was, and still is my favorite color. It has a lot to do with me choosing the Red Wings as my hockey team, but that's another story.

The following season, I completely abandoned the Vikings and hitched my wagon onto the Chiefs. The 2006 season was incredible. The way the Chiefs made the playoffs when all the odds were against it on week 17 was incredible, even if I couldn't understand what happened at 9 years old. That season, I also experienced my first Chiefs heartbreak. As a young optimistic kid, I had no idea that the Chiefs didn't really have a chance to win the Super Bowl. So when they were beaten soundly by the Colts in the Wild Card round, I cried.

From that season on, I began getting into Chiefs football more and more. Sadly, with each year the Chiefs would get more and more worse. But, for some reason, I decided to stick with the Chiefs. Even if every monday I had to show up to school and my friends would laugh at how bad my Chiefs did the day before. I believed that the Chiefs would turn it around.

Luckly, as I grew up, the Chiefs slowly but surely got better. Jamaal Charles was the first Chief I fell in love with. I got his jersey when I was in sixth grade and wore it to school every Friday. I was also a big Matt Cassel guy for a long time as well. To be fair, I have been a fan of every starting QB the Chiefs have had in my life, besides Brodie Croyle. Even Tyler Thigpen had a place for me, since we share the same first name.

Finally getting to today's Chiefs, there's finally a reason for me to be optimistic. We have our QB of the future, and we have a really good team now. The team's success and leadership now helps make up for all of the dark years of top ten draft picks. Being excited about my football team is actually fun.

To avoid talking in circles, and giving you guys history of the Chiefs that we all already know, I'll go ahead and wrap this up. I became a Chiefs fan because it was different. I was the only one in the school with a Chiefs jersey all throughout my life. And I like being different. When I finally made my way down to Arrowhead Stadium, it was everything I could imagine it would be. We drove down last October with some family friends who are Saints fans to watch the Chiefs play the Saints. Luckily, my first Arrowhead experience was a loud win.

Even though I had that fall league baseball coach for one fall, and can't actually remember his name, he indirectly made me a Chiefs fan. And even though I have been let down by this team for a long time, I am extremely thankful that I was introduced to the team. I am hooked on this team for life. Go Chiefs!

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