Why I'm a Chiefs Fan

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Like many of you on this site, I am a huge fan of the Chiefs. Even though I'm younger than the majority of you (senior in high school), I still share the same passion for the game that most of you do. The thing that makes me and you different however, is that I've lived my entire life in Maryland.

I grew up in a very strange football family. My grandparents are all Ravens fans, but my dad grew up as a Broncos fan. He loved to watch John Elway as a kid (blegh), and that's what converted him to a Broncos fan. I was very competitive with my dad when I was younger, and I always wanted to be ahead of him in everything. So naturally, I began to cheer for the team that he hated the most. The Kansas City Chiefs.

At first, I just did it to annoy my dad, but it eventually caught on. When I saw the likes of Jamaal Charles and Derrick Johnson take the field, I knew the Chiefs were special. Even though they were pretty god damn terrible, I still was captivated by the energy of the team. At first, it was tough. I was made fun of by my classmates, who were Ravens fans. And this was at about the time when the Ravens won the superbowl, which made it much worse. I still remember watching the Chiefs-Ravens playoff game, and feeling awful because I had to face my classmates the next day. Later in my life, I learned to embrace my team. Now, I am a hardcore fan that loves to discuss my team with other people on the internet. As you can imagine, Broncos-Chiefs games in my household can get very intense. That just makes the wins that much more satisfying.

And that is why I am a Chiefs fan.

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