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Did Chiefs GM John Dorsey dress up as an Iowa State fan to secretly scout Patrick Mahomes?

The KC Star’s Sam Mellinger has a really good article out today about GM John Dorsey scouting Patrick Mahomes in person last season when Texas Tech played Iowa State in Ames. That was Mahomes’ worst game.

Go read the entire article but we need to talk about this one part. Did Chiefs GM John Dorsey dress up in disguise as an Iowa State fan to secretly watch Mahomes play that day? Check out this section from Sam’s story:

“Guys like this,” Dorsey said, “I want to watch it up close.”

Dorsey does not like sitting in the press box. He often says he wants to “touch it, feel it, smell it,” when he’s scouting, and it’s hard to do that up high and behind the glass.

So he gets outside, though he’s coy when asked exactly where in the stadium he sets up to watch.

“To look at a player like this,” Dorsey said, “I’ll probably dress up as an Iowa State fan.”

First of all, wanting to “touch it, feel it, smell it” is such a #FootballGuy quote I can barely believe it. That’s so Dorsey.

Second, do you think Dorsey really dressed up as an Iowa State fan? Is he admitting to this or is this a what if? If not, what did he dress up as? Iowa State has plenty of Chiefs fans that would have recognized Dorsey so, as crazy as it is, I can actually believe that he would disguise himself.

Update: Great response, Sam ...

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