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NFL will allow more celebrations, which is great news for Travis Kelce and Chiefs fans

Travis Kelce gets great news as the NFL is reportedly on the verge of allowing more touchdown celebrations. The NFL owners are meeting in Chicago this week and one of the things they’ll be discussing is touchdown celebrations. It’s long annoyed everyone that the NFL fines players for harmless celebrations. That could be changing, some:

These are things that are fun and take nothing away from the game. They should be allowed. Football and sports are fun and we should act like it. I hope the players get creative with some good end zone dances. Chad Johnson recently said he planned on using an “easy button” on the Chiefs back in 2005 but they kept him out of the end zone that game.

This doesn’t necessarily have a huge effect on Kelce because he has done just fine dancing in the end zone without props.

Here’s Kelce, without props, honoring Ric Flair with a strut and a “WHOOOOO!!!”

Something called the Schmoney:

Something called hit the quan:

And a rodeo (I don’t know either):

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