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The Chiefs stopped one of the greatest end zone celebrations of all time

A reader shared this video from Super Bowl week that is of interest to Kansas City Chiefs fans. It’s an interview with Chad Johnson (or Ochocinco? I don’t know) about end zone celebrations. Johnson was the king of end zone celebrations for a time. He couldn’t dance like Travis Kelce (in my opinion) but he was the best at using props for his celebrations.

Apparently, the Chiefs stopped what would have been one of the greatest end zone celebrations I’ve ever seen. Johnson told the story of one game the Bengals played the Chiefs in 2005. It was the final game of the year and the Bengals were pretty good that year finishing at 11-5.

The Chiefs crushed them that game, 37-3, so Johnson did not score a touchdown. Had he scored, he says in the interview, he had “Easy Buttons” hidden in each end zone. You know, the Staples commercials with the “Easy Buttons”? He was going to score, grab one of those under the goal post and run out and have his QB Carson Palmer press it.

That would have been up there with Joe Horn and his cell phone. Not as good as TO’s Sharpie though. That was the best.

H/T @christoa88

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