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Browns’ Hue Jackson thought Patrick Mahomes has the most upside in the draft

We’re gathering quite the collection of quarterback experts to say Patrick Mahomes was either the best quarterback in the draft or the most intriguing or the most physically gifted or the most .. .whatever.

Andy Reid felt he was the best option because the Chiefs traded up for him. It was reported Sean Payton and the Saints were interested in Mahomes, too.

Now it’s being reported by Mike Silver of NFL Network that Browns coach Hue Jackson thought Mahomes had the biggest upside in the draft. Jackson thought Deshaun Watson was the most ready to play but that Mahomes had the highest upside. That seems to be the thinking around the Mahomes pick - upside. Good thing then the Chiefs have a year or maybe two to let him sit on the bench and learn from Alex Smith.

Of course, if Jackson was truly in love with Mahomes he would’ve just picked him at No. 1 or traded ahead of No. 10. Even if they did trade up, it sounds like the Chiefs were prepared to move up even higher, too.

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