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Alex Smith is the first Chief on the NFL’s top 100 players list

Alex Smith was the 81st ranked player on NFL Network’s top 100 players list last year and he’s the 81st ranked player on this year’s list. The Kansas City Chiefs QB is the first Chiefs player to be mentioned on the show, which counted down from 100 to 81 last night.

“You look at what the Chiefs have done before he got there and you look at what the Chiefs have done since he go there,” Saints QB Chase Daniel said on the show. “Come on, it’s 10 wins a year and the guy is getting some grief on one playoff game. It’s unbelievable.”

There was a lot of game manager talk and a lot of talk of protecting the football.

“You can’t sleep on his running ability,” Falcons LB Vic Beasley said. “If you do, he’ll beat you.”

While Alex did score five rushing touchdowns last season, he wasn’t as efficient running the ball and didn’t do it nearly as much. His yards per carry dropped from 5.9 to 2.8 last year.

We’ll see how many more Chiefs we get on the list. Nine made it last year.

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