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Chiefs’ Andy Reid says “compensation doesn’t matter” when it comes to QBs

Andy Reid made a really good point on ESPN’s Mike & Mike this morning. When it comes to acquiring quarterbacks, the compensation doesn’t matter.

Here’s what Reid said about about Mahomes and what it cost to get him.

“When you narrow it down to that position, compensation really doesn’t matter,” Reid said. “That’s how that normally works. You say what can this guy do to fit into your system. We saw a kid who is intelligent which he has to be in this offense, a kid that has great core strength, strength within the pocket. He’s got good mobility to be able to run and escape if he needs to. Then he can throw from any angle. I’m talking about any position, lower body position or any angle by his arm. And he has accuracy. He’s also, you’ve had him on your show, he’s also a great kid. He’s got a good way about him. He’s got to manage that locker room, and he’s got to manage that offense and he’s also got to manage that position the organization and the people in that organization. There’s a lot that goes into that. That’s why people are so willing to give up the compensation to do that.”

He’s right. If Patrick Mahomes is a star, we won’t remember how much it cost to get him. If he fails, it doesn’t matter because the Chiefs aren’t going to be winning anything anyway.

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