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Two things Patrick Mahomes wants to prove to the Chiefs and the NFL

I’m doing some of my post-draft scouting on the Kansas City Chiefs new QB Patrick Mahomes. The draft is so oversaturated with media coverage it’s annoying before the draft when there’s just so much stuff to read and watch. Now that it’s over, I’m thankful for all the draft coverage out there that allows me to get caught up on the Chiefs 2017 draft picks.

Mahomes was in this CBS Sports video talking about his pre-draft prep. They interviewed some of the coaches working with him before the draft as well as Mahomes himself. I found this part interesting on what he wants to prove:

“First off, I feel like people don’t understand how smart I am, I guess you could say,” Mahomes said. “They think I was in a system where I just threw the ball at certain receivers. They didn’t realize the checks I was making at the line and how much freedom coach Kingsbury gave me where I could change the plays when I saw different coverages. That’s the first thing I’m ready to prove to NFL teams and everyone.

“The second thing is accuracy. A lot of people talk about my arm and how big arm is and throwing it far, they don’t talk about how accurate I can throw the outs and the curls.”

The offense he came from and some other things are definitely red flags but the Chiefs believe they can overcome those. I hope they’re right.

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