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Mike Mayock on Chiefs 2017 draft: Patrick Mahomes will be really good or throw a lot of picks

NFL Network’s Mike Mayock is a fan of the way the Kansas City Chiefs planned ahead in their 2017 NFL Draft. Check out what he said after the draft:

“Kansas City keeps popping into my head because I think what they did,” Mayock said. “here’s a playoff team with a really solid quarterback in Alex Smith and they still have a couple years with Alex Smith. John Dorsey and Andy Reid looked ahead and said we have to find a way to keep this train rolling. They trade up from 27 to 10 and get one of the most galvanized players int his draft in Patrick Mahomes. He’s either going to be really, really good or he’s gonna throw a lot of picks. Either way, they feel like he’s the future of that organization and I love the fact that they’re two years ahead and they made a step like that, a move like that to say to their fans, we’re going to keep competing regardless of who we have at quarterback.”

The reason I brought this up because Mayock said the Chiefs are two years ahead of this. Most fans I’ve noticed have the timeline going: Alex Smith starts this year, Patrick Mahomes steps in in 2018. This is a reminder that Alex could be here for two more years with Mahomes on the bench, not necessarily just one.

The scenario I’m thinking about is Alex leading the Chiefs to the AFC Championship game this year. If he does that, can you imagine the Chiefs dumping him for the rookie? I can’t. Or maybe Mahomes takes two years to develop instead of one. He was very raw coming out so that’s possible.

I just want to point out that folks need to be open to the idea that the Chiefs could stick with Alex for two more years and not just one. It’s certainly possible.

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