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Patrick Mahomes couldn’t be with Chiefs last week but will be at OTAs

The Kansas City Chiefs OTAs start on May 23 and QB Patrick Mahomes will be in attendance to kick things off. You shouldn’t have to clarify that your top draft pick will be at practice but this is the NFL where the rules are weird.

Outside of the three-day rookie minicamp, rookies can’t work out with their NFL teams until their school year is technically over. Yes, Mahomes, a junior and the 10th overall pick in the draft, couldn’t work out with the Chiefs last week because Texas Tech didn’t graduate until this week. As ESPN’s Adam Teicher pointed out, this rule is why Mahomes was in Texas last week when he was robbed and not in Kansas City. There weren’t any formal minicamps or OTAs so technically he didn’t miss much besides working out.

The Chiefs OTAs start next Tuesday, May 23. That’s when the full-squad practices start and Mahomes will be there. It’s not a “real” practice with tackling but it’s closer than what we’ve had so far.

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