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AHPKC Chiefs Podcast: NFL Draft Review

AHPKC Chiefs Podcast is the official podcast of Arrowhead Pride and can be found on this website with absolutely no regularity throughout the 2017 offseason

Episode 4 of the Chiefs' 2017 offseason. All of our prior episodes can be found here.

So ... the Chiefs drafted a QB!!!!!!!!

But first, we start with some news. We give our reactions to Marshawn Lynch signing in Oakland and Jamaal Charles in Denver. And even speak on a signing that could be sneaky big.

Then it's on to Patrick Mahomes. We discuss how he will be forever linked with Deshaun Watson. What the offense will look like with him under center. And how soon he'll be ready to play.

Then we dive into each of the other draft picks before concluding with some thoughts on the draft class as a whole.

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