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Raiders, Broncos, Texans ahead of Chiefs in these NFL odds

This is clearly fake news. Bovada released some updated odds on the 2017 season and the Kansas City Chefs are not the AFC West favorites they once were. Bovada has the Chiefs third in the AFC West behind the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos.

Odds to Win the 2017-18 AFC West

Oakland Raiders 3/2

Denver Broncos 11/5

Kansas City Chiefs 5/2

Los Angeles Chargers 6/1

Putting the Raiders over the Chiefs is a defensible move. The Raiders are clearly and up and coming team have the key ingredient of a good quarterback on his cheap rookie contract. Putting the Broncos over the Chiefs is a little less defensible but you’re still talking about one of the top defenses in the NFL. OK, fine.

But putting the TEXANS over the Chiefs in the odds to win the AFC Championship? That’s downright insulting.

2017-18 AFC Champion

New England Patriots 2/1

Oakland Raiders 7/1

Pittsburgh Steelers 7/1

Denver Broncos 9/1

Houston Texans 9/1

Kansas City Chiefs 12/1

Indianapolis Colts 14/1

Baltimore Ravens 20/1

Tennessee Titans 20/1

Cincinnati Bengals 25/1

Miami Dolphins 25/1

Los Angeles Chargers 33/1

Buffalo Bills 40/1

Jacksonville Jaguars 40/1

Cleveland Browns 100/1

New York Jets 100/1

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