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Brett Favre on Patrick Mahomes: He couldn’t have a better coach at this point in his career

Friend of the site BJ Kissel of Chiefs dot com has an excellent piece out that you’ll need to read. BJ dialed up Brett Favre to get his take on Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs drafting Patrick Mahomes. Reid and the Chiefs have brought up the Favre gunslinger comparisons before so it’s a cool interview to read.

The nugget that stood out to me was on patience, which is something Mahomes will need in at least this first year, maybe two years.

Favre, who said he got a text from Reid the night the Chiefs drafted Mahomes, shared some advice for the young and talented playmaker.

“The hardest thing to do is be patient,” Favre said. “I know I wasn’t. That’s the competitor in him. When they’re not screaming your name anymore, it’s easy to drift off into la-la land. The most important thing is to gain all of the knowledge you can. Grab your coach and ask him to watch a little extra film. Grab film of other quarterbacks and see what they do—see if you can pick up a thing or two from those guys. Pull the coordinator back and ask them what they’d do in certain situations. There’ve been too many times that guys waste their mental reps. It might be one game, it could be 10, or it could be a season or two, but his day will come.”

Favre said Mahomes has the perfect coach for this point in his career. Chiefs fans are hoping that’s right.

Now go read it!

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