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Buffalo Bills front office setup will look like the Kansas City Chiefs

Good sign for the Kansas City Chiefs that other teams want to copy how they do things. It seems like 31 teams have been doing that with the Patriots for years so it’s cool to see another team cite the Chiefs as their example.

That example is in Buffalo where the Bills hired Brandon Beane as GM. It was reported that Brett Veach, the Chiefs director of player personnel, was a candidate for that job. Despite Veach not getting the job, the Bills will have a very Kansas City-like setup, according to a report from the Buffalo News.

The Buffalo News has learned that the Bills' model will pretty much replicate that of the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs' GM, John Dorsey, has a significant say in the assembling of the 53-man roster, but there is no mistaking that coach Andy Reid is in charge of the entire football operation and has final say.

An NFL source said McDermott would function in the same manner as Reid, who gave McDermott his first job in the league with the Philadelphia Eagles and has long served as his professional mentor. Unlike his predecessor, Doug Whaley, who virtually disappeared from public view after McDermott became the Bills' coach last January, Beane is expected to be more visible, as is the case with Dorsey.

Reid has been doing this a long time and has been successful so it makes since he has a lot of power at this point. However, what Reid told everyone when he was hired is that he is out of the personnel game, which he did in Philly. He always, always gives credit to Dorsey when it comes to the roster. So, I don’t know who has final say but it doesn’t seem to matter because it seems Dorsey and Reid work so well together. I’m not in that room so I can’t tell you for sure but the Chiefs success on the field speaks for itself.

Dorsey has been the GM the Chiefs needed four years ago and Reid was the head coach the Chiefs needed at the time. On the surface they have a great setup that works.

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