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Chiefs’ Andy Reid told Alex Smith not to be shocked if they took a quarterback

There was a report that the Kansas City Chiefs watched some film of this year’s quarterback draft class with their own quarterbacks, Alex Smith, Tyler Bray and Joel Stave. And the Chiefs did tell Alex that they would potentially be drafting a quarterback in this daft.

“Well, that’s a relationship I have with Alex,” Reid said when asked on Colin Cowherd’s show if he told Alex they would be drafting a quarterback. “I told him I didn’t know where we were going to take a quarterback, but I told him ‘don’t be surprised if we take a quarterback in this draft, and I can’t tell you exactly how high it’s going to be. Don’t be shocked.’ But he knows, because we’ve taken one every year.”

The Chiefs are trying to act like they taking a fifth round flyer on a quarterback is the same as giving up a future first and trading into the top 10 for a quarterback. They’re not the same.

“I mean he’s just going to go out and do his thing and he’ll help teach the kid,” Reid continued. “It’ll be a great room for this kid to learn in. But Alex, that’s not something that’s primary on his list … he’s trying to get ready to win the Super Bowl. That’s how he goes about his work every day. But I do, I try to give him a heads up on that. Yes.”

I’m not surprised they told him. Alex and the Chief coaches seem to have a pretty good relationship. And Alex isn’t a dumb guy. He understands he’s 32 years old with two years left on his contract. If it wasn’t happening this year, it was happening next.

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