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Chiefs fan Melissa Etheridge has a new song that mentions the Patrick Mahomes trade

The last time we checked in with Kansas City Chiefs fan and musician Melissa Etheridge she was singing a love song to Alex Smith. She got back into the football spirit with the NFL Draft here over the weekend and went on NFL Network to debut a new football song - this one with a mention of the trade-up for Patrick Mahomes.

The lyrics:

Dove onto my couch and I got me potato chips

Because it’s been 100 days since I felt like this

Well there was something in the air, a choice was being made

That’s gonna turn my team to lemonade

I watched the draft, I watched it all because it’s spring time and I miss my football

I miss my football

After that last game I swear I’d never care that much again

But then my coach traded up and I’m falling back in love again

So I’m looking to my friends at Good Morning Football

To tell me if my team has any chance at all

Because they watched the draft, they watched it all

It’s springtime and we miss football

We miss football

We miss football

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