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Tennessee’s Josh Dobbs the fourth known QB to visit the Kansas City Chiefs

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Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes and DeShone Kizer. Let’s add Tennessee QB Josh Dobbs to that list. It’s being reported by Jeremy Fowler of ESPN that the Chiefs are bringing in Dobbs for a visit, one of their 30 pre-draft visits.

Dobbs is 6’3 and 216 pounds and an aerospace engineer major. Recently someone asked him if he could handle learning an NFL playbook and he had a great answer: “My senior year I was taking astronautics, propulsion and an aerodynamics class… all on the same day. At the same time as football season when I was leading an SEC team. I think I can handle it.”

Dobbs is not one of the first round prospects so the Chiefs aren’t looking just at first round guys like Watson, Mahomes and Kizer. They’re looking all over the place, including a later round guy like Dobbs. How late? Many outlets have him as a fifth round or later prospect but ESPN’s Mel Kiper recently said he could go as high as the late second round. Who knows with quarterbacks ...

Our own Matt Stagner recently wrote that it’s a waste of draft capital for the Chiefs to select a quarterback after the second round. I agree with that mostly but could get on board in the third round if Andy Reid thinks he’s the guy.

His NFL dot com draft profile reads:

Dobbs is hardly incompetent as a passer, but he hasn't shown as much growth with his ball placement and accuracy as scouts had hoped to see from this former four-star prospect. Dobbs has decent size and is an outstanding runner outside the pocket which could appeal to a team looking for a developmental quarterback with play-making ability.