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Chiefs UDFA safety Jordan Sterns is a throwback

Chiefs GM John Dorsey is kind of an old school guy so you see him attracted to someone like Justin March who may not have the ideal size or athleticism but is always around the ball. That’s kind of who I was thinking as I read up on Chiefs reported undrafted free signing Jordan Sterns, a safety out of Oklahoma State. His college coach Mike Gundy called him a throwback.

This profile on him late last year is something Dorsey would probably love.

“He’s hungry to succeed, and that just doesn’t stay between the lines,” (Oklahoma State DC Glenn) Spencer said. “He’s hungry to be successful in life. If somebody hires him, or somebody takes him on their team, they’re not gonna find a more competitive kid with more heart and desire to be good, and to do it unselfishly, that’s not a real big trait in kids these days, so when you find one like him, you hate to let him go.”

Sterns led the team in its pregame prayer and concluded it with a message about enjoying times like Thursday. It was something OSU coach Mike Gundy, who endearingly described Sterns as “somewhat genetically unbalanced” Wednesday because of his passion for tackling, was adamant he share with the media.

Genetically unbalanced tackler! This is the type of undrafted free agent you’re looking for, the guy that’s oozing intangibles. Who knows what you might find. Daniel Sorensen, he of the four-year, $16 million deal, was this signing one time.

Here’s the full genetically unbalanced quote:

“Sterns is a throwback player,” Gundy said prior to the Alamo Bowl. “He kind of goes back to the days of the ’80s of guys that will strike you and enjoy the contact. Goes against human nature for two people to want to run into each other. There’s some players that are somewhat genetically unbalanced and they’re willing to do that. Sterns has been one of those guys up to this point.”

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