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Chiefs draft pick RB Kareem Hunt: Doesn’t fumble, very elusive, can catch

The eye-popping stat with KC Chiefs third round pick RB Kareem Hunt is about fumbles - but in a good way. Hunt has just one fumble on over 800 touches at Toledo, which is incredible. Also incredible is over 5,000 yards and 44 touchdowns at Toledo. He had a great Senior Bowl earning the Most Outstanding Player award but wasn’t as impressive in his Combine workouts.

So, who is 5’11 and 215-pound Hunt? What can he do? Chiefs GM John Dorsey spoke to the media about that on Friday night.

“As you guys would say, he’s not Jamaal Charles 4.4 guy, but I could compare some other really good running backs that played this game that he’s pretty comparable to. His greatest thing is when he makes contact with the defender, he has incredible contact balance, as they say, and the legs keep continuing to move. So, he’s getting positive yards.”

Your next question is can he catch. Yes, he can! His first three years at Toledo he had seasons with 12, 9 and 11 receptions. Then his senior year came and he had 41 catches.

“I’ve always had great hands out of the backfield,” Hunt told the KC media on Friday night. “I just talked to the coaches like, ‘You know I have great hands.’ And I did a lot of one‐on‐ones in the summer with the defensive guys and just showed out and made plays with the ball in the air. Our quarterback knew I was a reliable source in the pass game so if he felt like he was in trouble or no one was open, he looked for me.”

PFF had him second in the country with 98 missed tackles forced. He’s elusive but you don’t think of him as an elusive back when I watch him (if that makes any sense. Maybe it doesn’t. This is why I let MNChiefsfan to the film reviews).

Check out some highlights:

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