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Chiefs podcast: The NFL Draft preview from AHPKC

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AHPKC Chiefs Podcast is the official podcast of Arrowhead Pride and can be found on this website with absolutely no regularity throughout the 2017 offseason

Episode 3 of the Chiefs' 2017 offseason. All of our prior episodes can be found here.

We start with a quick breakdown of the Chiefs schedule. Then we discuss the shocking Jaye Howard news before updating our list of team needs for the Chiefs going into the Draft.

Then it's on to the quarterbacks. We both watched at least a few games on each of the NFL Draft's top 10 quarterbacks. We start with the Big Four -- Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Mitch Trubisky and Deshone Kizer, in that order -- and we don't necessarily see eye to eye on who we like.

Then it's on to the sleeper QBs -- Jerod Evans, Josh Dobbs, Chad Kelly, Davis Webb, Nathan Peterman and a very finite amount of Brad Kaaya. We each pick one from that group that we really like, while we shared a fear that one of them will be the Chiefs' future QB.

We finish up with a few other topics - the prospects of trading up, other potential picks in the 1st round, sleepers in the Draft. This one is for the draft dorks.

NOTE: We went very long, so Part 1 includes schedule, Howard, Mahomes, Watson and Trubisky. Part 2 picks up with Kizer and the rest of the Quarterbacks.

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