The FINAL ArrowheadPride Mock Draft Thread Extravaganza! 4/24-4/30

Hey guys, it's the last week for mock drafts, so I'll stop stirring the pot and/or pumping sunshine and give us a full, 7 round mock draft along with a full first round mock. This is what I think will happen, not what I hope will happen, so get ready for some FUN. Side note, an asterisk in front of the number denotes that I think the team has a good chance of moving out of their spot.

#1, Cleveland Browns: Myles Garrett, EDGE, TAMU


Don't overthink this one, Browns. Garrett is an athletic freak, has the sack production to back it up, and should be a transformative presence on your defense opposite Jamie Collins. Take the best player in the draft. Do it.

#2, San Francisco 49ers: Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford


While the 49ers have needs all over, I think that they need a guy like Thomas on their defense. Alongside Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner, the 49ers suddenly have a sneaky-good DL to help anchor the new defense.

#3, Chicago Bears: Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State


A lot of people have the Bears going Jonathon Allen, but I think they're more desperately in need of a lockdown CB. Lattimore doesn't really have weaknesses in his game as far as I can tell, and you can never have enough good CBs when Aaron Rodgers and Matt Stafford play you twice a year.

#4, Jacksonville Jaguars: Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU


I'm not sure if this is the best move for the team, but it sure seems like one they would make. The Jags' good years (yes, they have had good years in the past) all came when they had a great RB to anchor their offense, a la Fred Taylor or MJD. Fournette is the best runner in the class, and should take a ton of pressure off of Bortles.

#5, Tennessee Titans (from Rams): OJ Howard, TE, Alabama


Delanie Walker is starting to get older, so the Titans get a new #1 TE who can play the Gronk role in this offense. Athletic, dynamic, and with a sky-high ceiling, Mariota finds his new favorite target who can play tight or out wide.

*#6, New York Jets: Jamal Adams, S, LSU


The Jets have not drafted an offensive player in the first round for almost a decade, and while I'm tempted to mock a QB to them because LOL the Jets, I can't see Bowles giving up on Hackenberg that quickly. Adams reminds me of Eric Berry, a dynamic, hard-hitting safety who can shore up the middle of their defense in both run defense and in passing situations.

#7, Los Angeles Chargers: Malik Hooker, S, Ohio State


Hooker is a beast of a safety, and the Chargers have a significant hole at the position since the departure of Eric Weddle. A classic center-fielder type with range, ball skills, and atheltic ability in spade, Hooker should become a powerful playmaker who can match up against elite TEs in the center of the defensive backfield.

#8, Carolina Panthers: Jonathan Allen, DL, Alabama


The slide finally stops here, and the Panthers get a strong pass-rusher to help revitalize their defense. Allen can rotate with the aging Julius Peppers and Charles Johnson to give them constant pressure off the edges, bringing the Carolina front seven back to the strength that got them to a Super Bowl two years ago.

#9, Cincinnati Bengals: Reuben Foster, ILB, Alabama


The Bengals need a guy who can solidify the middle of their defense, becoming a leader and a dynamic defender to strengthen their run stopping. Foster is a very good LB, one of my favorite guys to watch, and hopefully will force Vontaze Burfict out of a job. I don't believe that his diluted urine sample from the combine will be much of a factor, and the Bengals have been shown to take risks on talented players before, so this pick makes sense to me.

*#10, Buffalo Bills: Mike Williams, WR, Clemson


With Tyrod Taylor in line to start, and a ton of young defensive players returning from injury, it's time for the Bills to add a complement to Sammy Watkins. Williams is a powerful playmaker who will improve the passing game in Buffalo, and should make DCs much more nervous than whoever they currently have.

#11, New Orleans Saints: Derek Barnett, EDGE, Tennessee


Barnett has really risen up draft boards after the season, a talented pass-rusher from a bum team in the Tennessee Volunteers. The Saints need defensive line help, and taking a forceful edge-rusher should help the defense improve as Drew Brees' HOF career starts to wind down.

#12, Cleveland Browns (from Eagles): Mitch Trubisky, QB, North Carolina


Should the Browns take a QB here? Probably not. Will they? I believe so. Trubisky is a hometown kid, grew up rooting for the Browns, and has all the talent to succeed in the NFL; the last time the Browns passed on a QB like that, he went on to win two Super Bowls for the Steelers and torments them to this day. I think that they still roll with Brock Osweiler in the regular season, with Trubisky and Kessler fighting for the backup job this year. Let Osweiler suck for the year, cut him next year and roll with your new QBOTF.

#13, Arizona Cardinals: Patrick Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech


Once the first QB goes off the board, there could be a mad dash for the remaining ones, and Bruce Arians snaps up a talented QB to sit behind Carson Palmer for the year, much like how Palmer sat for a year after being drafted. We all know why Mahomes is a good prospect so I won't waste the keystrokes, but boy will this pick hurt for a lot of KC fans. Start preparing yourselves for the disappointment.

#14, Philadelphia Eagles (from Vikings): Christian McCaffery, RB, Stanford


I remember the days when McCaffery at 27 was a realistic hope around here. McCaffery is a do-it-all RB who can run between the tackles, catch out of the backfield, and run routes as well as most WRs. I look for him to be a better Danny Woodhead or Darren Sproles, light on his feet and agile but with more power in his game to break tackles. Could use some strength training, though.

*#15, Indianapolis Colts: Haason Reddick, LB, Temple


Chris Ballard obviously knows that his defense sucks ass and needs all the help it can get, but without mocking a trade (which is dumb and hard to do) I have them taking a pass-rusher to anchor their defense. The Colts need linebackers in a bad way, and Reddick should be able to help them both at OLB and ILB, depending on where they choose to deploy him.

#16, Baltimore Ravens: Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan


The Ravens are not in a great position offensively: Mike Wallace is their current #1, followed by Breshad Perriman and then... Kenny Bell I guess? Taking Davis here makes sense, giving support to Joe "Maybe Elite but Probably Not" Flacco on the perimeter and maybe dragging that team out of the mud.

#17, Washington Redskins: Marlon Humphrey, CB, Alabama


The Skins decide to build up their secondary with this talented CB out of Alabama, who boasts all the physical traits of a lockdown CB and has been seasoned against quality competition in the SEC. Prototype when it comes to height, weight, speed, and agility of movement. Opposite Josh Norman, the Skins get a pretty strong secondary on the back of their D.

*#18, Tennessee Titans: John Ross, WR, Washington


Two skill position players for the Titans to give to Mariota, oh my! Ross is unbelievably fast, one of the very few NFL players that could keep up with Tyreek Hill, and gives the Exotic Smashmouth offense in Tennessee a new variety of exotic, a field-stretching monster who can let Mariota heave it deep more often. Look for Mariota to really progress as a passer in his third year, and Ross should be a difference maker on the perimeter.

#19, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: David Njoku, TE, Miami (FL)


I, for one, am not on the Brate train in Tampa. Njoku is a difference maker at TE, what Austin Sefarian-Jenkins was supposed to be if he wasn't a stupid person. Njoku is also a leader and strong locker room personality, incredibly intelligent, and boasts the size, speed, and strength to become a dominant TE.

#20, Denver Broncos: Ryan Ramczyk, OT, Wisconsin


Ramczyk is a strong OL prospect in a terrible overall OL draft, and the Broncos need OL help in the worst way. Sliding him in at LT should give Siemien/Lynch a slightly better chance than last year, although I expect Dee Ford to thoroughly roast him anyway.

#21, Detroit Lions: Taco Charlton, DE, Michigan


Not just the best name in the draft class, Charlton has an incredibly high ceiling as a pass-rusher at the DE spot. A boom-or-bust kind of guy that should give the Lions a force off the edge to match with Ziggy Ansah and strengthen up their defense.

#22: Miami Dolphins: Forrest Lamp, OG, Western Kentucky


The Cowboys found a lot of success behind a huge OL they heavily invested in, and the Dolphins follow their pattern by taking Lamp and sliding him in at LG next to Laremy Tunsil. Giving Jay Ajayi and Ryan Tannehill a stronger OL should help Adam Gase's offense stay strong as they move into year two, and give the Dolphins a better answer to the strong front seven in New England.

#23, New York Giants: Garett Bolles, OT, Utah


Ereck Flowers has been a wreck for Big Blue, so they decide to push him inside and let Bolles take over the LT spot. Bolles has as high a ceiling as any OL prospect this year, and giving Manning better protection might help mask his decline a bit better than they did last year. While he's in the running for the "Ugly Bowl" this year, along with Josh Dobbs, Bolles puts out good tape, and the Giants need to go all-in. Also keep an eye out for them to possibly take a QB here.

#24, Oakland Raiders: Kevin King, CB, Washington


The Raidahs need secondary help, as Sean Smith has struggled mightily since joining the team, and King offers a good upgrade for the Silver and Black. with prototypical size and speed for the position. While I'd like to see King opposite Peters in KC, I think that he fits in well with the soon-to-be Viva Las Raiders.

#25, Houston Texans: Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson


Sigh. The Texans have a desperate need at QB, and if one of the top 3 is still on the board, they will take him. Watson, to me, has a high floor with his athletic ability and passing skill and a higher floor should he develop well; having fellow Clemson Tiger Nuk Hopkins on the outside will probably help him out as well.

#26, Seattle Seahawks: Cam Robinson, OT, Alabama


The Seahawks are another team that desperately needs OL help in a bad year, so they're probably grateful for a guy like Robinson to fall to them. Robinson does fall this far because of a weak stance, but the OL coaches in Seattle have generally done well in making chicken salad out of chicken scratch, so I can see Robinson's technique getting better as he plays.

#27, Kansas City Chiefs: Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State


I know I won't be happy with this pick if it goes through, but it makes sense for the team. With the top 3 QB's gone, and with Kizer looking to fall out of the first round and Davis Webb a bad QB major reach, the Chiefs take a potential star at RB who looks to hit home runs out of the backfield. Fast, agile and strong, Cook can catch passes and run between the tackles, and he really does remind me of Jamaal Charles, perhaps the Lite version. Hitting on this pick will help the Chiefs have a more balanced running game, with Ware in short-yardage and power situations with Cook being the bell-cow. Also look for us to think about CB with Gareon Conley or Chidope Awuzie or LB with Zach Cunningham or Tak McKinley.

#28, Dallas Cowboys: Charles Harris, DE, Missouri


Harris is a very solid pass-rushing DE that could easily contribute to the Boys' defense this year. Adding a rusher like Harris to the mix should easily help the Cowboys improve their 26th ranked pass defense from last year, and let them maybe not flame out in the playoffs next year.

#29, Green Bay Packers: Takkarist McKinley, LB, UCLA


The Packers LB corps just isn't that good, with Clay Matthews taking a step back as a pass-rusher after spending two seasons as an ILB. Adding McKinley gives the Packers a better rusher off the edge and helps shore up their run defense, while also giving Dom Capers a bit more freedom in how to terribly run a defense.

#30, Pittsburgh Steelers: Gareon Conley, CB, Ohio State


While not as highly heralded as his teammate Lattimore, Conley has been a strong CB for the Buckeyes. A good press cornerback who's used to being on an island, Conley should help shore up a passing defense that could use some work if the Steelers want a chance against the Patriots in the AFC.

#31, Atlanta Falcons: Chidobe Awuzie, CB, Colorado


Small run on CBs here as the Falcons look to improve a defense that crumbled against the Pats in the Super Bowl. Adding Awuzie into the mix with returning star CB Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford should give the Falcons a much stronger secondary to back up their young front seven, which showed a ton of promise last year.

#32, New Orleans Saints: Tre'Davious White, CB, LSU


Four CBs in a row, and the Saints end the first round with a talented cover-corner from the SEC. With the increased pressure up front added by Barnett, having a strong CB outside should help the Saints give Drew Brees a decent chance at returning to the playoffs for the first time since they lost to the eventual champion Seahawks in the divisional round of the 13-14 season. Having him be a local boy should also make him a fan-favorite in NOLA.

With the First Round done, let's move on to the Chiefs seven-round draft.

Round 1, Pick 27 - Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State


See above

Round 2, Pick 59 - Tarell Basham, EDGE, Ohio


Basham (great name BTW) was a highly productive sack artist at Ohio, registering 10 sacks and 14.5 TFLs in the 2016 season. While he played some 4-3 DT early on, he primarily played DE, and I think he can transition to 3-4 OLB given the time and coaching. He's similar to Dee Ford in that he relies on a speed/agility rush firstly, but as he builds strength I'm confident that he can become a productive contributor sooner than later.

Round 3, Pick 91 - Nathan Peterman, QB, Pittsburgh


The Chiefs do a Chiefs and wait until late Day 2 to take a QB. Peterman has a strong arm, throws well on the move, and throws a very pretty deep ball. Accuracy and decision making aren't fantastic, although a year to refine that behind an accurate QB that makes generally good decisions should help him. I like him in the pocket, although his footwork can use some work. Simplistic offense at Pitt means he'll need time to adjust to the pro game, which is ideal behind the entrenched starter Smith. The typical Chiefs mid-round QB.

Round 3, Pick 104 - Anthony Walker Jr, ILB, Northwestern


The Franchise! Walker is instinctive and has the build of an NFL inside linebacker, hitting like a freight train and has the IQ to handle being the defensive signal caller should DJ not be ready to play. I think he should slim down just a bit, but at his current, sturdy frame, he should be able to hold up against physical backs and tight ends. Surprisingly soft hands for an ILB.

Round 4, Pick 132 - Carlos Watkins, DT, Clemson


Well-built frame with all the skills in the world, Watkins was one of the big reasons for Clemson getting to two national championship games. While he is raw, I believe that he can sub in immediately as a rotational guy at DE and in a pinch at DT while he refines his game.

Round 5, Pick 170 - Jarron Jones, DT, Notre Dame


Doubling down on DT here with the loss of Jaye Howard, Jones plays like a second round pick, but a series of injuries has him falling down draft boards. 6'5" and 316 lbs., Jones has the size, athleticism and strength to become a great player, and taking him later in the draft could prove to be a steal if he can stay healthy.

Round 5, Pick 180 - KD Cannon, WR, Baylor


Baylor WRs really only run 4 routes, which would make this pick a developmental one, but Cannon has the speed and explosiveness to run those 4 routes very well. As a depth, #6 receiver on the roster, I like Cannon's big play ability enough to let him develop on the roster.

Round 6, Pick 216 - Brendan Langley, CB, Lamar (TX)


Another raw talent, Langley played at a small school but has all the athletic traits to become a great player. Fast, agile, and strong, Langley has great size for a CB, and with the right coaching, his ceiling is high. As our CB room isn't desperately in need of a starter, Langley makes a lot of sense as a later round pick.

Round 6, Pick 218 - David Jones, S, Richmond


A small-school athletic wunderkind, Jones tied for the FCS lead in INTs last year with 9. A dangerous ball-hawk in the middle of the Spiders defense (great team name), Jones has some injury concerns but the athleticism, ball skills, and high football IQ makes him a high ceiling player, albeit one with a slightly lower floor thanks to injury concerns.

Round 7, Pick 245 - Alek Torgerson, QB, Pennsylvania


Experienced starter from an Ivy League school, Torgerson is an accurate passer with a strong arm. High character guy, could replace Tyler Bray as the third QB on the roster with a strong showing in camp.

And, because this is the final one, here's a projected depth chart for the Chiefs, figuring in the drafted players

QB: Alex Smith, Nathan Peterman, Tyler Bray

RB: Dalvin Cook, Spencer Ware, CJ Spiller, Anthony Sherman

WR: Jeremy Maclin, Tyreek Hill, Chris Conley, Albert Wilson, Demarcus Robinson, KD Cannon

TE: Travis Kelce, Gavin Escobar, Demetrius Harris

LT: Eric Fisher

LG: Parker Ehinger, Mike Person

C: Mitch Morse, Zach Fulton

RG: Laurent Duvarney-Tardiff, Jah Reid

RT: Mitchell Schwartz, Bryan Witzmann

DE: Chris Jones, Rakeem Nunez-Roches

DT: Bennie Logan, Jarron Jones

DE: Allen Bailey, Carlos Watkins

LOLB: Justin Houston, Dadi Nicolas

ILB: Derrick Johnson, Ramik Wilson, Anthony Walker Jr., Justin March-Lillard, DJ Alexander

ROLB: Dee Ford, Tamba Hali, Tarell Basham

CB: Marcus Peters, Terrence Mitchell, Steven Nelson, DJ White, Philip Gaines

S: Eric Berry, Ron Parker, Daniel Sorenson, Eric Murray

K: Cairo Santos

P: Dustin Colquitt

LS: James Winchester

Practice Squad: Alek Torgerson, Brenden Langley, David Jones, 7 other guys

Well, there we are folks. The NFL Draft is almost upon us, and I've mocked as many drafts as I could this year. I'll be working the night of the draft, so I probably won't be able to join in on the festivities (or depression) but I'm so ready to meet the rookies.

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